Skymall Coupons & Promo Codes

by Letacaba on August 16, 2011

In Phoenix, Arizona, Skymall is situated wherein it widely manufactures different in flight publications magazines both domestic and international flights.

Skymall is viewed and exposed to all domestic air passengers in America. They circulate over 20 million of published copies in flight annually. Their magazine is read by almost six hundred million domestic in flight passengers. They also promote loyalty programs in order to market different products. There are skymall catalog which are placed inside the in-flight pockets and clients can also online list of products through 1990, four great individuals established sky mall: Bob, Worsley, Alan loboch, Mathhew Del Bianco and Graham. It also operates its own line of stores where you can buy the products included at the sky mall catalog near the airport grounds. They want to be exposed in overseas workers who work in different countries as well as constant travelers. They feature different brands that targets people who travel often.

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